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Healing Writes

Writing courses with a difference...

Do you want to get in touch with a more joyful, creative you? Do you need help finding your true path in life? Here at Healing Writes, we can help you rediscover your creative connection and find the answers that really matter through learning how to write from your soul. 

Healing Writes has evolved from my own experiences as a published novelist, former magazine editor and poet. My additional qualifications as a Reiki Master, reflexologist and primary school teacher have given me a unique take on what it is to be a writer and all the magic that it entails.

Join me now for a beautiful journey of self-discovery, which you won't regret. You're human, and therefore full of hidden creative depths – go on, explore them, because you just never know what might come out!

Sibby Spencer, founder of Healing Writes

Why not come along to my Free Talk: 'Bringing Creativity Into Your Life' on Thursday 5th December at All Things Fabulous in Hulland Ward? Reserve your place now and find out more by clicking on the 'Courses' button below. 

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